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BharatRohan is making strides to ensure sustainable  farming so that society can have access to high quality food, clothing and other essential products

Future is in agriculture.

We are making it safer and sustainable for you.

Do you brush your teeth?


If you answered yes, then you would remember the cooling sensation you get while brushing your teeth. That sensation is caused by Menthol that is extracted from Mentha arvensis crop. BharatRohan works with Mentha farmers to empower them by saving their losses due to nutrient defficiencies, pest attacks and disease outbreaks using UAV/Drone-based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. This helps them to reduce agriculture inputs and reduce crops losses. This means, BharatRohan Farmers cultivate crop with reduced pesticides and fertilizers. Our farmers also use resources like water and electricity in a very efficient manner.

Buy better, Incentive better

Agriculture has myriad of problems, and there are plethora of technologies which are actually available to solve those problems. But there is a bigger economic problem. Most farmers get paid to produce commodity crops; industry pays them for the volume. A very small number of stakeholders pay them for the quality and sustainability. And as long as this gap continues to increase, farmers will be slow to adopt technologies that can improve quality and sustainability. So no matter which technology farmers are told to use, for example a single innovation that decreases pesticide use, it will not change lives of farmers significantly and farmers will get back to use the old and traditional practices of cultivation. That is because farmers do not have any financial incentive to decrease pesticide use. Therefore, a complete transformation of agriculture system is needed. BharatRohan is making that transformation happen but we cannot do it alone. We need your wisdom and support.


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Mission to make India ascend her greatest potential

Become a part of our trust mission and join hands with our BharatRohan Foundation which is spearheading the agriculture transformation along with empowering rural livelihoods with better education, health and sanitation.

Our objectives:

  • To catalyse societal development while ensuring that initiatives and interventions have a contemporary relevance to the nation (Republic of India).
  • To promote and facilitating initiatives in education.
  • To award fellowships and merit scholarships to students pursuing higher studies.
  • To groom aeronautical engineers, agriculture scientists, remote sensing experts, social scientists, cancer specialists, nuclear scientists and many other distinguished institutional administrators, who will in turn have striven to make the country (India) a power to reckonvin various fields, including science and technology.

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