For Agribusiness

Harness the power of unique Hyperspectral Imaging to make your business efficient, traceable and sustainable

Whether you are a food company, trader, agri-input company, NGO or FPO.

We have a solution for you.

Connect with a network of farmers on a digital platform to purchase high-quality, identity-preserved agri-produce while ensuring complete traceability of farm operations. BharatRohan closely monitors farmer fields in order to assure that you:

  • Reach large number of farmers from a single village, block or districts.
  • Set purchase protocols, variety, quality, quantity, characteristics and purchase requirements before the crop season.
  • Access a traceability dashboard and stay upto date with ongoing farm opera ons, crop incidences, water inputs, and yield forecasts.
  • Deliver, monitor and manage extension services remotely through BharatRohan Famer Success Executives.
  • Reduce logistics costs through a more efficient supply chain.
  • Buy quality tested crops that meet your purchase protocol.
  • Maintain crop identity through monitored storage and direct delivery.
  • Manage payment and transactions easily through our user friendly platform.

Agri-input companies sell promote, market and sell their products to agri-input dealers and farmers. BharatRohan mintors farmers fields through unique Hyperspectral Imaging to identify crop issues in early stages in order to assure that you:

  • Reach large number of farmers from a single village, block or districts.
  • Access more farmers at lower cost.
  • Identify potential buyers.
  • Carryout price intelligence.
  • Manage inventory e effectively.
  • Carry-out sales and marketing efficiently.
  • Create customized marketing plans.
  • Reduce sales expenses.
  • Deliver agri-inputs to BharatRohan Farmers through our extensive dealer network.

Seed companies utilize our aerial intelligence data for their Highthroughput Phenityping experiments and Hybrid Evaluation Trials. BharatRohan assures that your research programs utilize the most efficient data acquisition capabilities and enables you to:

  • Collect plant level or row level data at 5 cm/pixel resolution.
  • UAV/Drone-based Hyperspectral, Multispectral and Thermal data acquisition (monthly or fortnightly cadence).
  • Collect plant canopy temperature data for rate of evapotranspiration studies and to understand water stress for drought experiments.
  • Access canopy nitrogen maps.
  • Access canopy moisture maps.
  • Access Leaf Area Index maps.
  • Monitor changes in carotenoid pigments (e.g. xanthophyll pigments) in live foliage as Carotenoid pigments are indicative of photosynthetic light use efficiency, or the rate of carbon dioxide uptake by foliage per unit energy absorbed.
  • Access Plant height.
  • Access Plant count.
  • Access Digital Terrain Model.
  • Access Digital Surface Model.
  • Access Disease Severity Classification.
  • Build Spectral Library for different phonological conditions of the crop.
  • Build spectral library from stage of inocula on to senescence for unprecedented crop monitoring.

Contract with BharatRohan to produce crops with specific quality, characteristics, and/or farm management practices. We utilize Hyperspectral Imaging to diagnose crop issues in early stages so that you can be get assured:

  • Crop produce with minimum pesticide residue levels.
  • Raw material of specified variety and quality standards.
  • To get complete traceable crops from the field to your delivery location.
  • To purchase organic crops.
  • Purchase organic spearmint, peppermint, ashwagandha, tulsi, Kala Namak Rice, chickpea, corn and cotton.
  • Get delivery at the location of your choice.

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